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 Choosing a baby mattress for the crib may seem like a minor chore, but it deserves to be done carefully. The mattress is as important as the crib, so it is advisable to buy the best you can Best Baby Crib Mattress to buy and take a moment to see what type of mattress is recommended for a baby.


Why is it so important? On the one hand, the baby will spend a lot of time in the crib. 
It may seem hard to believe when we get used to getting up several times during the night to feed it, but they get to sleep 18 hours a day.

We must also we have selected, without spaces that could be dangerous to the child. And the mattress must be firm. A soft model can adapt to the shape of the head or face, which increases the risk of suffocation or sudden death syndrome. Do not be afraid to read this, but take seriously the choice of mattress for our son and despite looking for cheap mattresses, which are of quality and provide all the security.

What material should be the mattress for baby

There are two general types of mattresses recommended for cribs: foam and internal springs
Both types, if they are of good quality, will maintain their shape well and provide excellent support for infants and toddlers. There are differences, however. The foam (usually made with polyurethane), have to be lighter compared to those of internal springs. So manipulating the foam mattress to remove or rotate it will be easier. The foam is also less elastic and therefore less likely to be used as a trampoline when the child is older. Even so, the spring crib mattress is more popular.

Search quality in baby mattresses

Whichever baby mattress is chosen, we must look for quality. Cheaper foam mattresses and springs have thin vinyl liners and the edges can break or dry over time. As the prices increase, the coatings are thicker, resistant to punctures, with two or three layers or very good quality cotton. A mattress with more quality springs and better cushioning will be heavier, as with a denser, higher quality foam mattress.

Anyway, you do not have to spend a lot of money or try a multitude of mattresses to find one of the necessary quality. Mattresses for babies ranging from 90 euros to 200 are perfectly valid, and on our website we will look for cheap mattresses for this purpose. That as always I repeat, that it is cheap does not mean that it is bad, but that it has a fair price-quality ratio or that it has a price below that of the stores. 
Therefore a mattress of less than 90 euros (with rare exceptions) will be too soft and the firmness is not correct. The most expensive models are made with natural latex or higher quality cotton, but it does not vary in the support it offers.

We can not trust the appearance

This is not specific to mattresses for children or babies, how important the mattress is inside. Some baby mattresses may look perfect in the store, but they start to fail once we use it. That's why it's better to rely on quality mattresses. In addition, mattresses that you can find on our website will have the opinion of other users who have already tried it. And again remember that both a foam mattress and springs of the same range will offer similar benefits. There are still those who think that the foam ones fall apart after a few months of use, but that happened with the old mattresses.

Buy mattress for new baby

Buy a new mattress for the crib whenever possible. On the one hand we make sure that the mattress is hygienic. If we buy a used baby mattress you do not know how it was used or how it was stored. Mold can grow on mattresses that have not been stored properly and bacteria can appear due to liquids that have fallen on the surface due to leakage in diapers or regurgitations and have not been cleaned properly. If we acquire a new one for our child and it is kept clean and well kept we can use it in case a new member appears in the family. 
If this is not possible, check that the baby mattress has not lost its firmness and look for moisture spots. Also the smell can be a good indicator that everything is correct.

Use a sleeve

Use a waterproof and washable Crib mattress Deals cover that fits perfectly to the baby mattress. In this way we will maintain an environment as clean and hygienic as possible for the rest of our little one.

Check the setting

If we have the option to check the fit better. There should be no more than two fingers of separation between the crib and the mattress to prevent our child from being trapped. 
In case of online purchase pay attention to the measures declared by the manufacturer and perform the check by measuring the inside of our crib.

Do not worry about the guarantee

Some mattresses offer one year, seven or even lifetime guarantees. Do not get carried away by a long-term guarantee in case this implies an increase in the price. In the case of mattresses for children they are mostly used as a marketing tool and make consumers spend more. From a quality crib mattress we can expect it to last as long as we are going to use it as long as we do not tear the surface or we do not take care of its cleaning.

What type of mattress is best for a baby

Both types of mattresses, springs or foam, are fine, as long as we buy a quality mattress. Both maintain their shape and provide excellent support for the baby or toddler.